Low Carb Alcohol List

How to Decide Upon a Low Carb Alcohol List

Low carb diets have recently become popular as people have become more health and fitness conscious and that is the reason why many people are consulting a low carb alcohol list. This can help them to decide what alcoholic beverages they can consume and which ones they cannot. The logic behind a low carb diet is that low intake of carbohydrates causes the fats stored in the body to be used up during the digestion of food and other physical activities as calories are not readily available. As a result a person tends to lose significant amounts of weight. On the other hand, alcoholic drinks are commonly associated with weight gain and we are all aware of the term “beer belly”.

However, you will be surprised to know that there is no such thing as a beer belly because most alcoholic drinks do not contain carbohydrates. Even beer which is commonly associated with weight gain is available in a low carb variety. If fact all light beers are pretty low on carbs, but the fact was not publicized enough before low carb diets became popular. Hence you can opt for a low carb beer or light beer and enjoy your bit of alcohol even when you are on a low carb diet. As with anything else you need to ensure that you are making an informed choice.

Low Carb Alcohol List with your Low Carb Diet

Other drinks on the low carb alcohol list include wine. Red wine especially is very low on carbohydrates and calories. This is the reason why most dietitians advise you to drink red wine instead of other alcoholic beverages, when you are on a weight reduction diet. White wine contains even lesser carbohydrates than red wine. At the same time straight alcoholic drinks like gin, brandy, vodka, whisky, rum tequila and all have no carbohydrates at all. This may come as a relief for the people who like to enjoy their drink.

Even if you are trying to reduce weight through a low carbohydrate diet, you do not need to sacrifice your favorite drink because actually most of them do not contain carbs. If you are opting for a low carb alcohol list, the real reason to worry arises when you mix your alcohol with other beverages. Especially if you are adding sodas or juices to your alcoholic drinks then you should be aware of their carbohydrate content. Many of these mixers are pretty high in carbs and may hamper your weight reduction program if you are on a low carb diet.

Liqueurs like amaretto, Irish cream, cointreau etc are very high in carbs. Whatever be the content of carbohydrates in any drink, most dietitians agree that the key to successful weight loss and fitness is balance. For instance if you are consuming amaretto then you should make sure that you do not consume high carb food with it. At the same time remember that alcoholic drinks may not contain carbs but too much alcohol is otherwise bad for health. Hence while opting for a low carb alcohol list, keep in mind that moderation is the keyword.